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Architectural Lighting Design with Kreon

The True Meaning of Architectural Lighting Design

Kreon’s entire product line is designed on one philosophy – “Beauty is not created by adding one more detail, it is conceived by removing the last.” As such, Kreon is one of those brands that aims to support the entire architectural experience with lighting products rather than creating products that will be standing out on its own.

It is the way of thinking that does not tolerate extravagance, just pure architectural lighting design. Any products are reduced to essentials without compromise thus achieving the simplest of forms without a slightest drop in performance. This is Kreon.



Kreon products are not only characterized by new designs or new mounting techniques. The brand has a strong quality control in process guaranteeing an ever-growing quality. They integrate all national and European quality standards such as enec 60598, te & ce, or iso 9001-certificate. All Kreon products comply with te ce regulations and other existing standards.


Highlight Products: Dolma Family

We are fond of the Dolma family of products because it’s simplicity and the way it enhances space with its vertical lighting. It offers a neatly recessed light that provides ambient and placement lighting that is highly sensational. It blends perfectly with any architectural lighting design plan and actually looks just like it is designed along with the space itself.

Dolma has many sizes ranging from 40 cm., 80 cm. and 145 cm. for both indoor and outdoor uses. Let’s take a look at a project called ‘Chalet Cyanella’ in France by Bô Design. (



taying true in Kreon’s philosophy, Dolma 80 outdoor were used to emphasize the side profile of the residence and highlight the staircases without any unneccessary bulk in shape. ‘Mini side in-line’ recessed lights are used to enhance living room column, making it more pronounce and offer practical directional lighting at night.

With its philosophy-driven products, Kreon shows us why they are one of the most preferred architectural lighting design brands of all time.


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