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Importance of table lamps

The Importance of Table Lamps

Table lamp is like that burnt orange in a glass of old-fashioned cocktail, or slices of black truffle over a fine-dining dish. It is this little element that makes all the difference. In lighting design, table lamp is widely used to enhance to overall dynamism of any room by granting it the much-needed final touch.


Table Lamp and its purposes

Why do you even consider using a table lamp? A basic purpose of having one is to give extra illumination for a particular spot, such as a reading table. It also gives nighttime illumination which is often dimmable. Aside from this basic purpose, modern table lamps seek to express their characters through form, material, or function to match any design.


Choosing the Right One

We know there are more than several hundred designs to choose from. As such, we would like to highlight a few notable table lamps which are popular with our customers.




Artemide: Tolomeo Table / Mini Table

By: Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina


“No desk lamp should make you use two hands to position it.” –  Michele De Lucchi. A true modern classic since 1987 that has become an icon of art and displayed in museums around the globe. This table lamp sports cantilevered arms in polished aluminum, a system of spring balance that allows you to adjust it in position with one hand, and a dimmer. Artemide Tolomeo table lamps are best for reading or a working table.

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Slamp: Liza Table

By: Elisa Giovannoni


Need a little statement for your room? This iconic, baroque-inspired table lamp ‘Liza’ is for you. Slamp Liza Table is made with techno-polymer materials with LED light to create a lamp that gives contrasts of light and shadows necessary for adding depth to a space. It is also light and unbreakable unlike any glass or crystal table lamps. Comes in two colors: transparent (prisma) and transparent black (pewter).

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Luceplan: Costanza Table

By: Paolo Rizzatto


An elegant modern interpretation of a classic table lamp, Luceplan Costanza combines modern technology in a form we all appreciated. The lamp has four light intensity levels adjustable by simply touching the sensorial dimmer rod. Costanza comes with more than 11 different diffuser colours from classic tones such as white, grey or black to modern tones like primary red, smart yellow or edgy pink.

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These are only some of our most popular models. If you have something in mind, contact us today for a full collection. We have over 10 global brands to offer.


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