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LED Ceiling Lights Ideas

LED Ceiling lights may not what many people are looking for when designing their homes. Most of the time we find people thinking about table, floor, or wall lamps but they are not considering enough for the ceilings. To us, we call it the fifth wall. Their potential in interior design is just as impactful yet underutilized.

There are many decorative and functional LED ceiling lights in the market which could be used toward different objectives: creating a focal point, generate ambient light, add patterns of shadow, etc. As such, Lighting Library would like to introduce some of the most outstanding LED ceiling lights to complete your space.


Algoritmo Stand Alone – Artemide

This sharp and functional LED ceiling light comes in series of single unit with various sizes from 1188 mm. and 2372 mm. ready for suspension-mounting, wall mounting or ceiling mounting. It produces warm white (3,000 K), neutral white (4,000 K) and even RGB LED (only diffused). Its versatility and shape made if one of the most preferred ceiling lamps for any modern project.


Dolma Track – Kreon

We could not forget Kreon when it comes to modern lighting system. Kreon Dolma track combined with round and rectangle shaped ceiling LED lights can create a made-to-measure down lighting or wall-washing to any space. Whether it is indirect or direct, this adjustable module can turn any ceiling into a flexible architectural playground.


Cloudy – Fabbian

Cloudy adds a touch of sophistication and creativity with its hand-blown glass shape that is opaque at its base and transparent at top resembling a real cloud. Cloudy is available in both pendant and ceiling lamps that is versatile to use.


Hanami Ceiling – Slamp

Thinking of finding a special something that adds dynamic to your space? Hanami ceiling LED ceiling light by Slamp offers this special touch with ease with its delicate hand-folded flowers made of Slamp’s Lentiflex® material which gives diamond-like reflection. The lamp itself is inspired from watching the blossoming cherry trees.


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