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Slamp: Luxurious Modern Lamps for those Who Can’t Get Enough

Decorative Modern Lamp with Heritage and Innovation

Slamp as a brand, devotes itself to decorative modern lamps that goes with the latest trend, artistic ideas, natural forms, etc. transforming them into luminous objects. This is one of a few modern lamp brands in the world that perfectly combine new generation of materials and special assembly method to create luxurious modern lamps that impress.


Modern Lamps, Modern Interpretation

If you are in for something new. Something to fall in love every day. Something extraordinary. Slamp is the brand you can’t miss out. Every Slamp modern lamp is unique and recognizable thanks to its special ‘technopolymers’ material that is unbreakable, lightweight and can be shaped into various forms.

Much like in a haute couture maison, each Slamp modern lamp undergoes a precise, transformative and creative process to bring two-dimensional sheet into three-dimensional shape through cold-cutting and hand-folding. This gives each lamp a handmade quality much like every hi-end lamp in Italy.


Technopolymers Properties

Slamp design lightings are made of this material which gives many unique properties:

– Resistant and childproof: Waterproof and durable, the material is also childproof.

– Lightweight and luxury: Technopolymer is lightweight and gives off an elegant effect with lights on or off.

– No glue, no screw, only handcrafted insertion: Each complex modern lamp is handcrafted with precision in Italy without any screw or glue.

– Dust-free antistatic treatments: The surface is slippery to dust making it dust-free

– UV and heat resistance: Technopolymer is resistant to UV and heat without any surface alterations, this material is suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses

– Environmental friendly: Slamp’s technopolymer help reduce environmental cost 4 times more than the alternative. This is defined as the sum of various environmental issues including climate change, ocean pollution, and damage to human and ecological health.


Luxurious Modern Lamp Materials

Slamp has more than 12 modern materials that are unique to its brand. Some material such as LENTIFLEX® offers a fluid effect with its infinite little prisms that capture light and direct it towards a specific point. When combining with technopolymer sheet it could create a profound effect similar to a shining waterfall.

Another example is CRISTALFLEX®, which is as shiny and transparent as crystal, but unbreakable and flexible as a polycarbonate. This gives Slamp’s modern lamp the allure of luxury with added mobility. With its durability it could be used in both private and public contract projects.



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